Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wrist straps and such

I made several wrist purses recently.  When I showed one to a co-worker, she said "Oh, you should make the little strap to put your id badge on."

So I did.  :)  Because it only took a few minutes and really didn't cost anything but those few minutes.

Here's the prototype - a strap that fits over my hand but isn't too too loose, and the back of my badge.  :)  Oh, and a skull button detail because I was using pirate treasure map fabric and it just felt right.   Several of my co-workers have commented on them, so we shall see.  I might also make a few lanyard-types to fling around the neck, because the beaded ones are pretty but tend to pull. 

I picked up the fabric for the Burda jacket - a nice brown striped linen.  So nice.  I am looking forward to it.  But tonight is quilting.  MUST work on quilt.

If another strap gets made, well.... that won't take TOO long.  Just have to decide what fabric to use that will go with the copper clip.  Or gold. Hmmm...

And maybe even pics of the craft/sewing area in what was once the living room.

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