Tuesday, September 6, 2011

...she wanders

This weekend was First Monday, in Canton, Texas.  It's gone on for years and years, and it's relatively close to home.  So we went.  (Yay! Giant flea market and stuff!)

We spent 5 hours solid walking the First Monday grounds and didn't see anywhere NEAR everything.  However... I did manage to purchase a couple of interesting things, and got LOTS of exercise.

I got: a McCoy goat planter - small, but elegant.  I like goats, what can I say?  :)  Also, a lightweight bow that I will be using (hopefully) in a different form out at faire.  Hopefully.  And an automatic rug hook needle that's really scary looking!   And... we had to go to a fabric store.  Of course.  I didn't buy any material, but I did get buttons.  For projects.  Honest.

It was a little weird.  We stayed at my Grandmother's house.  She died earlier this year, and there's not much left in the house.  We slept on air mattresses, and I lay awake the first night thinking "What will I do if I hear her?"  Not that I did.  And I thought "Well, she wouldn't be a ghost.  She has no reason to stick around."  I slept all right, but it was still a little weird.  I was okay until the morning we came home.  Then I got stressed out a little.  Getting pulled over for speeding didn't help.  (oops!  Just a warning from the nice state trooper, but still!)

I have hopes of quilting and stuff today.  And working on a hat.  And making little purselets.  And taking pictures of some of my stuff.  We'll see if it happens.  I might wind up sitting on my butt at the computer, playing games!


Doomed To Be Different said...

I love the honesty of that last sentence...hee.

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