Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bodice of Dooooom!

The bodice of doooom!  My co-workers say it's Easter colors.  I suppose that's true... but NOT a finished product!  Just the test bodice.  Strangely enough, I kind of like it.  It's growing on me - a little like mold, sneaking up and settling in. 

The lining material is stuff we had lying around the studio - heck, everything in this is stuff we had lying around the studio!  I know it will work for workshops, which is all I require of it.

But I do like the bright and cheery colors of it.

Other than that, I've been cutting out skirt panels.  I have two skirts, both circle skirts.  The underskirt is two shades of yellow, the overskirt green and blue.  And trimmed out the ears.  My goodness how they are going to be trimmed!!  This is by far the most trim-laden character I've yet to play.  Oh, Penelope.... how bright and shiny you will be!

On the quilt front, I'm still a little stalled on Boston Molasses Flood.  My weekends are now officially GONE, which only leaves me weeknights.  And since I am still working on costuming... well.... um.  Yeah, excuses, excuses.  I'll get back to it soon.  Really.

We put bird feeders out this week - finally - and filled them with bird seed.  The blue jays love the peanuts, and we're getting hordes of little birds.  Little Attila the Hun birds... invading from everywhere!  The weirdest thing was not the squirrel sitting in the middle of the bird feeder - that's normal.  No... we looked out a window this past weekend and saw a cat picking up a peanut and chomping down.  ?!  Do cats actually EAT peanuts??? 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bodices and writing and sewing and stuff!

This past weekend I made a bodice for faire this year.  This isn't the final version - more of a test version, in similar but entirely inappropriate fabric.  (Her colors aren't quite so vivid and certainly not PINK).  It's not done yet, as it's not been bound at the edges and doesn't have grommets yet.  When all that's done, I will have a completed test bodice to wear... sometime.  :)  It seems - in some ways - a complete waste of time to make a full and complete bodice that I may never 'really' wear.  I could fit it to myself without all the work.  Mostly.  But I couldn't tell how I could move in it, if I could do all the things I want to do.  Nor could I tell how the real thing - made of very similar outer material - would stand up to all those things.  So, the full bodice. 

I find myself doing versions of the same thing in my writing.  It may just be a scene to get the writing flowing, but it needs to be coherent and consistent - or I can't necessarily tell how the characters will interact, and so forth.  Even if I never use that scene, it exists in my head as a 'oh, okay, remember that time when?'   I know more about my world, more about my characters, and more about my writing.  And maybe that's what it's really about - finding out more about me and what I expect from myself - both for writing and for sewing.

Both the 'real' bodice and the 'real' story will take time.  But both will be better for it - stronger, more precise, and far less likely to fall apart on me!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writing again!

Inspired by a friend, I have dipped back into the waters of writing - well, really more of a full plunge.  Even through everything else in life, stories and writing seem to be a constant for me.  Due to not-enough-time syndrome (also known as Shay is too lazy to make time for sewing, writing and house-cleaning all at the same time), I haven't written anything more than a story idea or a note to go back and fix something in an old story. 

Rather than be sad and mope about it - I am going to DO something!  Check it out - - The Fourth Writer's Platform-Building Campaign.  Hah!  So write I shall, once more! 

Nervous?  You bet!  Between sewing for faire and for a friend and working on Boston Molasses Quilt, can I pull out my writing brain and send it forth to do what needs to be done?  (I really need to lay off the Lord of the Rings movies for a while - they make my brain think in strange ways,  I have a lovely mental image of my brain on horseback, riding under the banner of the Rohirrim). 

Here goes nothing.  And everything.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Quilting and costuming

A friend said recently that I was the only person she knew who both quilted and made costumes.  Apparently, most (at least in her circles of friends and acquaintances) do one or the other, but never both.  I jusr smiled and said something along the lines of "I guess I'm just unusual," which is fine.  But I wonder... am I?  Are there really that few quilters who make costumes (and by costumes I really don't mean no-sew or little sew Halloween costumes.  I mean clothing from another time period, I guess) and that few costumers who make quilts? 

Right now I have a full yeoman woman's garb to make - bloomers, chemise, bodice, two skirts.... and still find a straw hat to go with....  and I am working on quilting Boston Molasses Flood and planning my next quilt (Texas Daycare). 

Took a break this weekend to go to First Monday Trade Days in Canton with a group.  Half of the group had never been.  There was much walking, some shopping, and much fun.  Several of us bought things for our characters at Scarborough Faire, and those that didn't bought other stuff.  I came home with a blue flying goat made of metal, a dachsund cracker holder with a spreader for a tail, and several other small things.  There'll be more trips to First Monday, I know!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fabric in general....

Tonight I will get BMF on the quilting frame and get started with the hand quilting.  Yay!  And I am pleased with the back - I think the pieced actually doesn't look too bad.  Moreover, I think it will grow on me until I more than like it.  So that's all good.    The next quilt is perking in my brain - I know what fabric I need, I know what I need to do (and this time I will be more careful about measuring for the borders and back!).

And in preparation for Scarborough Faire this spring, since my new character is a weaver, I have started weaving.  I sincerely doubt that I will ever get into it enough to make my own fabric (not to mention that the looms I have are so small it would take a lot of piecing and joining to make a piece sufficient to sew), but it's interesting to watch the weaving go together.  I can now (in theory) go from raw wool to finished piece of clothing.  I find that fascinating - the whole process of sheep (or plant) to clothing. 

As far as planning quilts goes... I am now 21 behind.  I think.  Until this evening, when I think I will be 22 behind, because there's another one working its way up from my hindbrain....  I need to sew faster!