Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writing again!

Inspired by a friend, I have dipped back into the waters of writing - well, really more of a full plunge.  Even through everything else in life, stories and writing seem to be a constant for me.  Due to not-enough-time syndrome (also known as Shay is too lazy to make time for sewing, writing and house-cleaning all at the same time), I haven't written anything more than a story idea or a note to go back and fix something in an old story. 

Rather than be sad and mope about it - I am going to DO something!  Check it out - - The Fourth Writer's Platform-Building Campaign.  Hah!  So write I shall, once more! 

Nervous?  You bet!  Between sewing for faire and for a friend and working on Boston Molasses Quilt, can I pull out my writing brain and send it forth to do what needs to be done?  (I really need to lay off the Lord of the Rings movies for a while - they make my brain think in strange ways,  I have a lovely mental image of my brain on horseback, riding under the banner of the Rohirrim). 

Here goes nothing.  And everything.

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Beylit said...

Yay I am not alone. That makes me feel better about it.