Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bodices and writing and sewing and stuff!

This past weekend I made a bodice for faire this year.  This isn't the final version - more of a test version, in similar but entirely inappropriate fabric.  (Her colors aren't quite so vivid and certainly not PINK).  It's not done yet, as it's not been bound at the edges and doesn't have grommets yet.  When all that's done, I will have a completed test bodice to wear... sometime.  :)  It seems - in some ways - a complete waste of time to make a full and complete bodice that I may never 'really' wear.  I could fit it to myself without all the work.  Mostly.  But I couldn't tell how I could move in it, if I could do all the things I want to do.  Nor could I tell how the real thing - made of very similar outer material - would stand up to all those things.  So, the full bodice. 

I find myself doing versions of the same thing in my writing.  It may just be a scene to get the writing flowing, but it needs to be coherent and consistent - or I can't necessarily tell how the characters will interact, and so forth.  Even if I never use that scene, it exists in my head as a 'oh, okay, remember that time when?'   I know more about my world, more about my characters, and more about my writing.  And maybe that's what it's really about - finding out more about me and what I expect from myself - both for writing and for sewing.

Both the 'real' bodice and the 'real' story will take time.  But both will be better for it - stronger, more precise, and far less likely to fall apart on me!

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