Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fabric in general....

Tonight I will get BMF on the quilting frame and get started with the hand quilting.  Yay!  And I am pleased with the back - I think the pieced actually doesn't look too bad.  Moreover, I think it will grow on me until I more than like it.  So that's all good.    The next quilt is perking in my brain - I know what fabric I need, I know what I need to do (and this time I will be more careful about measuring for the borders and back!).

And in preparation for Scarborough Faire this spring, since my new character is a weaver, I have started weaving.  I sincerely doubt that I will ever get into it enough to make my own fabric (not to mention that the looms I have are so small it would take a lot of piecing and joining to make a piece sufficient to sew), but it's interesting to watch the weaving go together.  I can now (in theory) go from raw wool to finished piece of clothing.  I find that fascinating - the whole process of sheep (or plant) to clothing. 

As far as planning quilts goes... I am now 21 behind.  I think.  Until this evening, when I think I will be 22 behind, because there's another one working its way up from my hindbrain....  I need to sew faster!

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