Monday, February 6, 2012

Quilting and costuming

A friend said recently that I was the only person she knew who both quilted and made costumes.  Apparently, most (at least in her circles of friends and acquaintances) do one or the other, but never both.  I jusr smiled and said something along the lines of "I guess I'm just unusual," which is fine.  But I wonder... am I?  Are there really that few quilters who make costumes (and by costumes I really don't mean no-sew or little sew Halloween costumes.  I mean clothing from another time period, I guess) and that few costumers who make quilts? 

Right now I have a full yeoman woman's garb to make - bloomers, chemise, bodice, two skirts.... and still find a straw hat to go with....  and I am working on quilting Boston Molasses Flood and planning my next quilt (Texas Daycare). 

Took a break this weekend to go to First Monday Trade Days in Canton with a group.  Half of the group had never been.  There was much walking, some shopping, and much fun.  Several of us bought things for our characters at Scarborough Faire, and those that didn't bought other stuff.  I came home with a blue flying goat made of metal, a dachsund cracker holder with a spreader for a tail, and several other small things.  There'll be more trips to First Monday, I know!


Beylit said...

I know a number of women who make both quilts and costumes, but such is the way of things when you do faire.

Shay said...

I'm very glad to hear that! I didn't want to be one of a kind in that regard!