Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Craft Area

Eeek!  Also known as... that area that is NEVER clean, no matter HOW hard we try! 

We've got LOTS of crafts in the works, obviously.  This mess is past of our shelving/cubes... holds books, sewing machines, and stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  Beads, ribbons, magazines, the aftermentioned books, fabric, glue guns (about 7 now, I think), bobbin lace equipment, dolls either finished or part finished, mannikin headsm and at times, like now, a quilt square or two.

There's the requisite cat on the floor (say Hello, Belanna!  Yeah, yeah, whatever....), and fabric scraps for the cat to lay on/play with/completely ignore.  And cat treats on the table to make sure she stays out of the current project.

And on this side of the room, more sewing machines, and dressers full of quilting fabric.  Yup.  Over two hundred yards, currently, thanks to a good buy at an estate sale.

It's not tidy by any stretch, and it's small.  (Though you can't see the cutting table or the pattern boxes underneath said cutting table, or the other fabric storage...). 


It suffices.  We do rather well here.  We get things done, dream up new things to do, and discuss things to do.  We find homes for everything we have.  Kinda.

And yes, a lot of the time it is actually neater than this, but I thought I would show it in the "normal" state when one or both of us are working.

So here it is.  Craft area/sewing area/"what am I supposed to do with this" area.

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