Monday, September 12, 2011

... she makes patterns

Working away today, before lunch break... and idea for decorating my cube for autumn and thanksgiving and so forth... and Halloween.  Definitely Halloween.  Anyway... decoration idea happens.  And since I have myself half-convinced I can make anything I see, I decide I shall.

The plan is this: make little pennants on a string to decorate with.  They sound cheesy, I admit it.  In my mind's eye, however, they are a work of beauty.  I will most likely be ultimately disappointed, as rarely do the physical manifestations of my ideas match the actual brain candy, BUT I am going to do it!  Patchworked in either silk or cotton, depending on how the silk works, backed with appropriate fabric, embroidered with letters for FALL or WINTER or HALLOWEEN or whatever.  Add little buttons at the bottoms or bells or acorns... and string them together.  I will like them.  I may even add the tea-dyed lace I got at an estate sale, depending on the front patchwork. 

I think maybe the right orange and black combo, old-fashioned looking, with tea-dyed lace might be kinda neat.  Old-fashioned lettering...  Or maybe do a black and white one with black lace... hmm...

Having decided I will do this, I needed pattern.  Not terribly complex, obviously, since it's just a bunch of triangles.  But I want the RIGHT size and the right proportions... and so on.  A few shapes later, I have my finished size pennant.  A few minor adjustments for seam allowance and I am done.  Wheee!  All during lunch break!

I have this urge to get a stamp for my patterns, labeling them mine.  :)

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