Tuesday, August 30, 2011

...there is sewing

Last night I went through my pattern box (well, one of them, anyway).  I have way too many patterns that I bought intending to make them and then forgot about them.  So.  I am going to start sewing.  My goal is to make one piece of clothing every month until I am caught up - or as caught up as I can be... since there are still more patterns out there.  Some of them I may make more than once if they look good on me.  We shall see.  Oh, and this does not include faire garb or costuming - those are completely separate.  If I only made one of those a month I would be in serious trouble come spring!

So, the first pattern I will make is a Burda pattern - 8627.  I am going to start with the jacket/top.  It's a nice unfitted piece that I might actually already have fabric for!

It's a single button jacket, kinda pretty.  I am tempted to do it in multiple colors of fabric on the one jacket.  We'll see.  It shouldn't be too difficult - the hard part will be determining if I will line it or not, since I get cold very easily.

I am still working on the quilt.  And other things, of course.  :)

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