Tuesday, August 16, 2011

... she plans

I want to go to First Monday in Canton again this month.  (Well, beginning of next month-ish).  That should be Labor Day Weekend.  Sure, it will be hot, but I want to go.  Anyone interested in going with?  Last time I got two metal goats and a handful of other things I wouldn't have found other places. 

I want to go to the coast in November.  So I am going to plan for it. Stay on the coast, watch the water, wade in it, beachcomb for nothing much in particular... be a tourist.

There are other things I want to do, so I am planning.  Road trips, learning Japanese....

I have a bunch of craft projects planned as well.  The drawback is that so much of my stuff stays in the planning stage.  I need to move past that and actually DO some of this stuff.  Quilts, canning, baking, painting, weaving.  Learning to spin my own thread/yarn.  Make costumes.  Re-write a few books. 

I just have to plan the time.  And my lists, nice as they are, are not helping!  I can always re-write lists!  I need a better way to plan out my time.

On the plus side, the bargello quilt is moving right along now, and I am working on a wish bird (pattern from Valori Wells).  It's cute, and if I do it in reds, oranges and yellows, it can be a phoenix.  Then again, I might make one in black and make a raven.  We shall see.  Maybe I will shrink the pattern and make a flock of birds to hang from the ceiling.   The test version is in purple.  First thing I pulled out of the cotton fabric drawers.  :)

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