Wednesday, August 3, 2011

... she makes things

Good morning!  I am Shay.  I am unmarried, living with a roommate in oh-so-hot Texas.  I make things.  Not professionally, but for kicks.  I have a cat - just one, about 12 years old - and she's plenty.  I work in an office as a drone, carry an elephant-shaped lunch kit to work, and in my off time do all sorts of things.  Most of them are reasonably planned out, if not in great detail.  However, when I get bored I tend to go off the rails and do other things.  Just... other things.  Not necessarily weird or bizarre, but not the things I normally do.

Oh, and I get bored easily.  My friends tend to duck when I get bored. 

I was bored yesterday.  So I made a rough pattern for a Tudor rose.  Yeah, making felt flower things.  I'm not even a flowery sort of girl, and here I am making Tudor roses.  *shrug*  So be it.  Boredom makes me do things I wouldn't otherwise think about.

I'm about halfway done with it, and when I am done, I will post pics.  And maybe a pattern or two.  We'll see. 

Oh, and I started working on a yarn wreath for Halloween.  May make one in autumnal colors soon, as well.  After I go by the craft store for another foam wreath.