Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October project and bored time

In keeping with the "No, really.  I'm going to work through my patterns and make one piece of clothing a month.  Really.  I am."  I am posting the pattern picture for October's project.  I don't have the fabric yet - well, I haven't gone through our fabric stash to see what I've got to use.  I don't feel like buying more fabric when we've got SO much already, so this will be a stash buster project to boot.  Makes me feel positively virtuous, it does!

Here it is.  I am already making modifications in my head.  I don't like the sheer on the shoulders, so I'll use a lightweight something - a really thin cotton, maybe.  We shall see what's available.  Maybe silk dupioni... lord knows we have enough of that roaming around!  Pair it with velvet, maybe.  Depends on how much of each I've got, really.  That's tonight's project - finding the fabric.

Of course, I am also getting to the quilting on my next quilt (yay!) and making a "I'm bored" project: a stuffed pumpkin.  It should be cute when I get it done, which shouldn't take too too long.  I'd like to have it for Halloween and beyond.  :)  If I get it cut out today, I should be able to stitch it tonight and finish it tomorrow.  And then find another "I'm bored" project!

I've got too many projects in my head - a steampunk navigator (who needs an outfit comprised of pieces from around the world - got fabric for some of that already), my next Ren Faire character, and so many more.  I want another sewing machine - so I can have one in my room to work when it gets really late and I don't want to disturb the roommate.  Maybe I'll take another look at a basic machine. 

We're finally getting more rain.  Yay for rain!  I don't have pics, because things are in upheaval right now and the camera is... somewhere.... But there is rain, and the plants are happy.  Temperatures are cooler for the time being, and it's almost like having fall!

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