Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Defining boredom

Now that I'm this far into my blog, I guess I should take a moment of time to explain boredom.  (Well, THAT sounds pretentious!)  Okay, explain what boredom is for me.  That should be easier.

Boredom = getting all my chores done and having nothing planned that I must do, or having my brain not entirely occupied by whatever task I am on.  Now, since I live with ADD (not the worst case, by any stretch of the imagination, but enough to make things interesting usually.  I multi-task like a pro!), it doesn't take much for my brain to go wandering.  It can be a five second trip or far far longer.

Lately, while I've not had the time to be bored physically, my brain is still taking side trips.  From that springs more ideas and more plans.  Today, boredom means I have three new quilt ideas.  Gr.  Not a bad thing - not saying that - but it does make me wish my brain would settle down a little every so often!  Let me catch up a little.  I feel sometimes like I am about to be lapped by my brain.

My design notebook - because yes, I am keeping one - is up to 14 more quilts planned (as well as the finished one and the one I am working on).  I need to sew faster!  I need to stay off the computer in the evenings!  I have two quilts planned for gifts - one for this year, one for an event next year.  I've got time, but they lurk in the background, waiting to pounce.

Yesterday at work we were allowed to dress up for Halloween.  Not many did, but I was one of those few!  It's an excuse to haul out the good stuff and ponce around!  How can I not?  So, here I am: La Catrina - the elegant one!  (symbol that even though you're rich, you're still going to die!)  The costume was a borrowed one; made it too too easy!  Many compliments and not a few creep-outs!  (Bonus!)  You can't see all the hat's glory in this shot, but I'll try to root out a few others - I got my photo snapped a LOT.

At any rate, have a blessed Day of the Innocents or All Saint's Day, as you choose.  Remember thiose who've gone before, and ready your thoughts for those days ahead.  Take time for yourself - the season's about to get crazy!


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Mumsey said...

you look Awesome !! (can't imagine any of us passing up such an opportunity to 'dress up')